Woll Smothing

There is an internet meme called the “Woll Smoth” meme where you take pictures of celebrities and shrink certain facial features. It is closely related to another meme where you give celebrities tiny faces. In all cases, they misspell the celebrities name to include more O’s, normally in the place of other vowels. Here is the original Woll Smoth picture that started the meme:


I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty hilarious to look at.
Here are some other “Woll Smoth Meme” pictures that I found online, collected here for your enjoyment:
ImageImage ImageImageImageImage


And lastly but not least, here is a Woll Smoth photo that I made out of Ed Sheeran after looking at the meme… Err… Well I guess that would be Od Shooron 😉


Here is another photo that I edited (Harry Styles / Horry Stylos)




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