I Have Drawn You

While mucking about on the web I came across three instances where people took badly drawn celebrity fan art and photoshoped the celebrities face to actually look like that art and here they are:


I found these images irresistibly hilarious and therefore created one of my own:


I know mine isn’t anywhere close to as good as theirs were but I thought to post it non-the-less. I also plan on submitting it to the website where I found the art to begin with to see if they like my attempt to make him match his art.

They accepted my work so here is the link: http://terrible1dfanart.tumblr.com/

EDIT: I realized that two of those images said “I Have Drawn You” on them and assumed it was a meme. After a “I Have Drawn You Meme” google image search I found that I was sort of correct but only a couple of images came up so while I was able to find more I do not believe that it is a meme. Here are those pictures which for some annoying reason won’t upload in their original sizes:

Look what I drew ive drawn you_transformeredward-i-have-drawn-you_260043-450x

I also found this one after googling “I Drew You”



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