Blacklight Tattoos

I stumbled across something called “Blacklight Tattoos” last night while browsing the web. These are tattoos that will only appear under a blacklight. I’ve seen numerous places online where people have misunderstood the concept and believed them to be “glue in the dark tattoos”, they are not. A blacklight is a special kind of lightbulb used in various clubs and at raves. They are also used when you are carded at the door of clubs.

At first I thought these were amazing, you get to have whatever tattoos you want, but they won’t interfere with your employment as bosses, coworkers, and the like will not be able to see them.

However, after looking into them a bit further I would strongly recommend avoiding them completely. Most tattoo artists will refuse to work with the inks as they can cause severe reactions and the long term effects of the ink has not yet been discovered. Also, while many places will claim that it has been approved of the FDA this is not the case. These inks have not been properly studied, and the ink will stop being invisible after exposure to the sun after which it will be brown or black. Even during the stage that the tattoo ink isn’t visible in the sunlight sometimes the tattoo will scar your skin, leaving the words visible at all times as shown below:

Not to mention while many places will offer blacklight tattoos they have never actually worked with the ink and can mess up pretty badly.
Blacklight ink costs more than normal tattoos which people are less likely to react to, have been approved by the FDA, and have no long term side effects.

Warnings not to get these tattoos aside, here are some examples of blacklight tattoos that were done well and look great:



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